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I'm the programmer at Radical Forge, an indie studio in the north of England. If I'm not programming, whilst in the office or travelling, I'm probably at the cinema or sat in front of Netflix!

Dreaming 54%

Ambition 84%

Apparent Ludicracy 110%


unity tools (co-)developed


Ludumn Dare Games


published android games


year freelancing

well covered and efficient

aquired skills

Unity Logo


4+ Years Experience.
Game Engine of choice both personal & studio use.

C++ Logo


3 Years Experience.
Used in conjunction with OpenGL and Vulkan for game engines & tech demos.

C# Logo


4+ Years Experience.
Used with Unity, Speach, WPF and Windows Applications.

Tools Creation

4 Published Assets.
Asset Store Developer and Self-Publisher - Blockout, Camera Confinment and others.

Git Logo

Version Control

3 Years Experience with Git.
Projects on GitHub & GitLab using SoureTree as Git GUI.

Visual Studio Logo

Visual Studio

3+ Years Experience.
Preffered programming IDE.
Versions: 2013, 2015 & 2017.

Facebook Logo

Facbook Integration

Sign In, Share & Data Retreival in Unity

Regsitered Apple Development

Registered Apple Developer

MacOS & iOS registered developer since 2016

Vulkan Logo


2 Years Experience.
OpenGL 4 learning graphical techniques
Game Engine created with a Vulkan renderer.

Oculus and Vive Logo

Virtual Reality

2 Years Experience.
VR Prototypes for Oculus Rift & HTC Vive in Unity.

Google Play Logo

Google Play

2 Released Games.
With Google Play Games Integration.

Lumberyard Logo

Augmented Reality

Vuforia Integration into Unity Applications

Academic Accomplishments

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming @ Teesside University

First Class Honors


Year 1: 2014 - 2015

Algorithms & Data Structures 76%

C++ Programming 81%

Games Middleware 70%

Mathematics For Computing 84%

Systems Design & Databases 88%

Year 2: 2015 - 2016

3D Graphics 83%

Animation & Simulation 82%

Game Engine Construction 76%

Game Jam 74%

Multimodla Inferfaces For Games 88%

Network & Concurrent Programming 80%

Year 3: 2016 - 2017

Advanced Games Development 80%

AI For Games 60%

Computing Project 75%

Physics Simulation 51%

Real Time Graphics 78%

2017 · ExpoTees · Exhibitor

2016 · ExpoTalent · Exhibitor

2015 · Computer Games Creation Society · Co-Founder & Chair

2015 · ExpoTential · Exhibitor

2014 · SCM App Pitching Challenge · Finalist

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my portfolio

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  • portfolio

    Minesweeper Neo

    Solo project availbale on PC, Mac & Linux. Coming soon to other platforms

  • portfolio

    Mini Power-Cade

    Ludumn Dare #39 Game Jam- "Running out of power"

  • portfolio


    Unity C# Editor Extension Developed @ Radical Forge

  • Glass Engine 2017 Logo

    Glass Engine 2017

    A C++ Game Enigne with a Vulkan renderer and VR support.

  • portfolio

    Demo My Sponza

    Real Time Graphics: C++ OpenGL 4 rendering techniques.

  • portfolio


    Advanced Games Development: Unity 5 Game in a group project.

  • portfolio

    Embryological Evidence The Game

    Contract Unity Development

  • portfolio

    Joules Labs

    Contract Unity Development

  • portfolio


    Ludumn Dare: #37

  • portfolio

    Camera Confinement

    Unity C# Tool

  • portfolio


    Support Programmer: F*** It Let's Jam - Game Jam Game

  • portfolio

    Rapid Waypoint System

    Unity C# AI Tool Co-Developed with Henry Bell (Now Depreciated)

  • portfolio

    Kinect Magic

    VR, Kinect & Speech in Unity 5

  • portfolio

    Simple Inventory Bar

    Unity C# Tool

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